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Japanese dating system

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This japanese dating system gives you the Datkng character values, emperor era names and the layout information you need to produce a Japanese emperor date and to convert from syystem western calendar.

Imperial dates are formatted with the name of japanese dating system era followed by year, month, and day. The declarations up to the MEIJI era, specify the name of the year, and there is no concept to start one era on a particular date of the year.

The year number 1 is never used to indicate the first year of systemm. According to Japanese legend, Emperor Akihito, is Japan's th imperial sovereign in an unbroken line from Emperor Jimmu, who ascended the throne in about B.

Japan's is the world's oldest existing japaness japanese dating system. Although most people in Japan use, or at least are familiar with, the Western calendar seirekithe traditional calendar is used for official documents.

A conversion chart is provided. The traditional Japanese calendar is based on the reign period of the japanese dating system. Each time a different emperor begins to rule, a new counting of the years begins and the period acquires a new.

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